21 Year old John Wingerman lives in Las Vegas. Alsthough Las vegas migh just seem too much for a lot of people, it sure didn't stop John from living there. Las Vegas is known as a place to go on holidays or on a party spree, but for some, it's home. One of those people is John Wingerman. He has been living in Las Vegas for almost 10 years now.

If you are planning on moving to Vegas, this is the perfect site for you as we answer most common questions people might have on this topic. John will give you tips, tricks and mindset you need to have in order to not only live in Las Vegas, but enjoy it as well.

How can he afford it

We all know that Las Vegas isn't the cheapest place on earth. Actually, it might just be one of the most expensive places, so how much does it cost? Well, at least $5,000 per month if you like to go out from time to time. If you prefer sitting at home on the weekends, Las Vegas probably just isn't for you.

John works at a hotel which he doesnt want to reveal. The salary is ok, but the work load is quite big. He has told us that finding a job in Vegas isnt as complicated. There are jobs everywhere, the only reason people don't like to live here is the noise, lights and basically sensory overload.

What are the pros and cons

Pros: It's a big city. There are alot of people and you probably won't see the same faces far too often. All kind of people live or have vacations here, so you can express yourself as much as you wan't and noone will bother you as they might in small cities. Another huge pro is the night life, all the crazy people, lights, music just takes you away. It's expiriance noone can describe, you have to expiriance it first person to really understand what we are talking about. Another pro is getting a job - it's very easy in Vegas, just take al ook for yourself, we wont get into too much detail about it.
Cons:: Yes, there are cons as well. As mentioned in previous paragaph, the sensory overload is huge. If you come from quiet city, it will be crazy at first.
Another con is the air and light pollution. Air pollutio is self explainatory, but you might not have heard of light pollution - basically it means there is so much light coming from all the different objects, that the stars are never visible. You feel like there is just no night in Vegas, it's always day outside. It just gets a little darger at night.
Of course the biggest con is expense. Las Vegas is very expensive place to live. A meal will set you back around $50 in a mid range restraunt for one. Double it and you get the price for two. You can feed a whole village in Africa for a month with that kind of money.

Las Vegas Lifestyle

Las Vegas lifestyle basically consists of workng throughout the day and partying whole night, even more on the weekends when you can afford to drink a few more because you don't have a work to go to the next day. This means a elderly person would not fit in here. You could barely get by in your mid 30s, but anything above that is just not worth it. Driving a car in Vegas is a nightmare, please don't do it. Don't get a car if you are planning on living here. Everything you need is within a walking distance, and for those few times a year when you need to go somewhere specific, well, get a cab. And I'm not joking, owning a car and living in Vegas is a waste unless money grows on trees for you. It's a huge expense and let's not even get into the parking...

Is it for you?

Well, it depends. For most people we would surely say no, but if you are brave enough, young enough then devinetly yes. This question is one of those which we cannot answer for you, you have to decide for yourself. Go ahead and stay in Vegas for couple of days, or maybe weeks if your schedule and bank account allows it. A few weeks should be enough to get the right impression of daily routine in Vegas.

Helpful Tips

  • Timing - What time of year you want to visit will also have an impact on what your trip will cost. July and August (the hottest times of the year) are less expensive than cooler times of the year. The block of time from just after Thanksgiving to Christmas is usually considered the least expensive time for hotel rates (just keep in mind that rates get really expensive around New Years Eve).
  • Book Early - The earlier you book, the better your deal. Some folks will book their rooms 6 months or more in advance. We were considering a room at a new hotel and as our travel dates got closer, the rate went from $55 to $115 in a matter of weeks. Rental car rates are another story, see the next tip.
  • Rental Car - The window for the best rental rate, we’ve found, is 60-90 days before your arrival. You may not need a rental for the full length of your trip, maybe only a portion. If you stay downtown, for example, and plan to go sightseeing, you can probably pay for a rental car for what all the cab rides would cost you, and it’s more convenient to have a rental car. If you’re renting a car for a short term, check with your hotel and see who has a rental desk there, and check that company’s rates online before you travel. You can also save on some of the fees associated with an airport rental when you rent from your hotel’s rental desk. Remember, unless you pay extra, you’ll have to return the car to the location it was rented from. We’ve not had a problem finding parking, if you’re concerned about that; most casinos have a large covered parking structure where parking is free, most all of them also offer a valet service. Tip your valet person a buck or so, and leave the parking to them. Don't prepay on your rental! As rates change, and a better deal comes along, reserve a car and cancel your older reservation.
  • Walking - You will walk more than you think! Make sure you have comfortable shoes that are “broken in” before you arrive. Casinos are built on a grand scale and are not as close as they appear to be. Before beginning your journey, refer to our “Getting Around” page to see if there are any connectors/trams/shuttles available to/from your hotel/destination to save time.
  • Hydrate - Las Vegas has single digit humidity most of the year and you will dehydrate faster than you think (you don’t even look like you’re sweating; it evaporates from your skin so fast). Always carry a bottle of water with you and drink from it frequently. Also, carry a lip balm with you as your lips will chap before you realize it (just don’t leave it in your vehicle).
  • Gaming Budgets - You don’t want to run out of money on the second day of a five day trip! So use some form of budgeting for your gaming money. Some folks put their daily allowance of gaming money in separate envelopes and anything left over at the end of the day is a “win”(to keep), or added to the remaining days to make a higher limit.
  • Dining Budget - The same discussion above can be said for your dining money. We’ve seen one steak restaurant where the cheapest steak was $75, plus $15 for a baked potato, and $10 for a salad, that’s $100/person BEFORE you have anything to drink. Decide how much you will spend and create a budget, and also, research Las Vegas for for money saving suggestions. Look at our “Eating Las Vegas” tab and find how to eat for "$20 - $30/Day", along with the “Dining Deals” and “Happy Hour Deals”. Also consider charging meals to the room. If you think you’ll get comped, why not get food and gift shop expenses comped also?
  • Coupons - We can’t tell you how many hundreds of dollars we’ve saved using coupons. If you’re a member of, use their MRB (Member Rewards Book). Also, check their coupon page if you’re a member and print new coupons before your trip. Get a copy of the Las Vegas Casino Guide (use our Amazon click-thru, please) and check their deals (you can go to their website to see the up-to-date list). Check around our website for links to coupons for places you plan to visit. If you’re over 50, check our 50+ Page for deals specific to your age group. Always check our money saving page before your trip to see what’s been added.
  • Slow Down - This might be your first trip to Las Vegas, so experience everything you get a chance to see to the fullest. We see folks on every trip that run and run and run, and they’re not enjoying themselves. Remember, this is a GREAT city to visit with MANY things to see and do. So slow down and enjoy yourself.
  • Plan Early - Start making a list of what you missed and plan your next trip on the plane ride home. You can download and print maps to most of the Strip and Off-Strip Casino properties and many other locations. Hopefully, you won't get lost using this valuable asset.

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