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It is a well-regarded notion that employees that enjoy their work are far more productive than those who are there simply to collect a wage packet.

You may be an employer, and you are asking yourself the question “does employee engagement matter“, and if so, to what extent. Engaged employees are more customer-focused and therefore more likely to make a sale. They are also likely to be easier to retain, which is something the business will want to do if they are a top-performing employee.

The advantages of having engaged employees should mean that every business is doing what it can to promote this. Different employers incorporate different employee engagement activities in to their businesses. However, success depends on how the strategies to engage employees are implemented. Engaging employees in their work and the business as a whole should be a key strategic initiative that should be implemented as part of the business plan, not as a separate Human Resources initiative.

Employees are likely to remain engaged if they can see that they have a future with the company and chance to progress their careers. Performance development plans should not just focus on short-term objectives, but show a clear path of progression. Feedback on an employee’s performance should not be restricted just to these reviews, but should be offered regularly in order for the employee to feel that their efforts are recognised. You may want to take a look at our employee engagement survey questions for some ideas.

The key to engaging employees is to focus on business results, if the employees are accountable for their work and can see positive outcomes from it they will remain motivated and productive. If the employees own goals and values match those of the business this will also keep them engaged, and therefore productive.

Successful businesses make engaging employees an active part of their day-to-day business model – employee engagement affects the bottom line. The steps discussed above are simple actions that most businesses will be able to adapt to their own circumstances. The benefits that increased productivity from these employees will bring will soon begin to show.

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